Online Spanish Curriculum

Our complete, online program is ideal for Spanish teachers and schools, as well as homeschools and individuals wanting their children to learn Spanish. Because the curriculum is customizable and the teaching methodology mirrors the way our first language is acquired, the program is suitable for students of all ages to build comprehension skills easily.

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The 8-level Spanish program is simple to use. Students watch a short (usually 5-minute) immersive video of children speaking Spanish in a fun sit-com teaching practical, day-to-day Spanish. To practice and reinforce the Spanish taught in the videos, students can do any combination of the online activities:

  • Video challenges for speaking practice
  • Listening comprehension quizzes
  • Reading quizzes
  • Interactive worksheets for elementary and middle school students
  • Culture and geography (covering 8 Spanish-speaking countries)
  • Culture and geography quizzes

In addition, the online program includes a scorecard for each student and a gradebook for parents, teachers, and administrators to monitor and record student and class progress.

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Once you have signed up, you will receive a discount code to use on any of our supplemental Spanish materials and games. These products are optional and may be used with the online Spanish curriculum for fun, hands-on activities for speaking, reading, and writing practice. The materials include:

  • Teacher Guides with detailed lesson plans
  • Student workbooks with Spanish language and culture and geography activities
  • Card sets and games to get students speaking Spanish while having fun
  • Sticker sets used to put around the home or class as easy vocabulary reminders
  • Listo, a bingo-style Spanish game for non-readers based on Levels 1-3
  • Coloring Books, for non-readers based on Levels 1-3
  • Dice Off, an active board game teaching common Spanish verbs and adverbs
  • Stuffed animals, our favorite dogs Grande and Pequeña and our mascot, Squisher, the international inchworm

To learn more, click here if you are a homeschool or individual family wanting to teach Spanish to your children. If you are a Spanish teacher, tutor, or administrator looking for a Spanish program for your school, click here

FL4K for Families

FL4K is a great option for families looking for an extra boost to help get their child interested in learning Spanish. It's also ideal for students who may need to develop listening comprehension and the self-confidence to “try” speaking aloud. With our entertaining video series with kids speaking Spanish in a fun life-like story, students are able to follow along, retain and recall words, phrases and sentences without “trying”. Students speak Spanish more naturally and comfortably which dramatically builds their motivation and confidence.

Optional supplements are available to assist you or your child to the depth you desire, including student workbooks, hands-on activities, board and card games, with teacher’s guides doing all the planning for you.

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FL4K for Homeschools

Our program was created to give parents like you a fun and easy way for their children to learn Spanish. It is the only Spanish program developed by a team of native and non-native speaking teachers and kids. The program includes a variety of fun online and hands-on activities, games, learning activities, colorful workbooks and more. You decide how your children will learn Spanish — based on their learning styles, ages, and your family schedule — by selecting the activities your children will do from the many options provided, or selecting all of them! Just pick up one of the eight teacher’s guides, find your lesson and video, choose your activities, and you are done with your lesson planning! It’s that easy!

What does this mean for you? It means your kids won’t complain about learning Spanish! They may even BEG to do it!

“I just put the second DVD into the DVD player. Right after the music from the video started playing, I heard my children rushing downstairs to join me…maybe I can use your DVD for our dinner bell too because I don’t have to call them to come down! :)” – Amazon customer, 2016

“I was planning to use this curriculum as suggested, doing two lessons a week, but since my kids begged to do Spanish every day, we usually completed a lesson every day.” – Rebecca Spooner, Homeschool On

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FL4K for Schools

The beauty of our program is that we are very customizable to fit your needs. Our program can be your main Spanish curriculum or supplement your existing Spanish program. It's easy to use whatever your classroom size. Your students will learn Spanish and retain the Spanish they learn even if you only see your students once a week. While our program is primarily used to teach Spanish in elementary schools, it is also used in pre-schools, middle schools, and even some high schools!

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FL4K for Libraries

Our DVDs and Online Spanish Curriculum are great resources to have available in your public, elementary, and middle school libraries. We offer custom packages to fit your budget. Contact us to schedule a consultation and receive our price guide today!