• The program teaches day-to-day Spanish conversation that is meaningful and relevant to students.
  • Vocabulary Topics Covered

    The program focuses on developing strong comprehension and speaking skills. Basic reading, writing, and grammar skills are also taught but are not required to use the program.

    The video lessons teach through kids using Spanish in humorous stories based on real life events. The videos develop comprehension skills and train the student’s ear to Spanish quickly. The online curriculum includes listening comprehension quizzes which motivate readers and non-readers alike.

    Students develop speaking skills through the online program and/or through the hands-on games and activities detailed in the Teacher’s Guides. There are a variety of different games and activities to choose from, depending on the number of, ages, and interests of students, such as team games, skits, card games, and many more.

    Students build reading skills through the print or interactive activity/workbook sheets, online reading quizzes, card games, and other hands-on activities detailed in the Teacher’s Guides.

    Pre-school and early elementary students can also apply what they learn from the videos through the art, drama, and active activities in the lesson plans. They also enjoy the Listo game, coloring book, and card games and love the plush animals that go with the dogs from the videos, Grande and Pequeña.